County Farm Residence

This family farm is an estate that will hopefully transcend generations. A three-year project that we took from concept to design to installation, this 160-acre farm features a long winding driveway framed by mature oak trees and a beautiful entry gate adds for a sense of privacy and security. The winding paved driveway leads you over a bridge, through the porticache and into a cobblestone circle drive. All told, over 12,000 square feet of pavers were laid for this partially heated driveway. 

As is common on our larger projectw, the homeowners stressed the importance of mature plant material for immediate impact. Over 40 trees were moved by a large spade truck for this project. One of the harder-to-find specimines is an 8-foot weeping willow that will grow to overhang the pond adjacent to their beach area. Norway spruce in excess of 23 feet were also utilized to screen the road and break up the silouette of the home itself. One advantage of installing trees near their mature size is proper placement for long term growth. 

An intimate garden was installed, complete with a dining area, outdoor lighting and custom audio components for those special days or nights among friends.

A custom recessed spa was also installed. A hot springs model was converted and veneered with the same natural stone that was used on the house for a seamless look. 

The site's perennial gardens explode with life in the Spring. Many hundreds of perenials were installed for the homeowner, who desired a blast of color and multiple options for cut-flowers.

This is true showpiece property and landscape we are proud to have brought to fruition!