Herb Gardening

Custom Birch Kitchen Garden

Custom Birch Kitchen Garden

If you have ever used fresh herbs, you know the difference they can make.  The smell and flavor can’t compare.   

Whether grown in your outdoor landscape, raised beds or in containers, herbs are easy and fun to grow.  

Each spring, I include my daughter and give her a number of herbs to 

plant in a container.  She has fun planting them and watching them throughout the season.  

When I cut them for cooking, she is amazed that we can use plants she grew herself.  

 I do a mixture of growing them in my perennial beds and containers.  Check on how invasive each 

herb is, so you do not plant something that will eventually take over and change your 

landscape.  More invasive herbs should be planted in containers, raised beds or inside edging in 

a contained space.  It is important to know what should be planted and where.  If herbs do not 

fit into the existing landscape, then they can be installed in a “kitchen garden” or containers.

Professional Landscaping

Raised Bed Planters

I have a container of herbs on the back deck next to the grill area.  My lower level patio has a 

garden area perfect for herbs.  This is very handy for cutting when we are cooking out there in 

the summer.  I install the herbs late spring or early summer.  The herbs in containers can be 

potted earlier and kept protected from the changing spring temperatures.  Adding herbs into 

the landscape not only benefits the kitchen; they add interest, smell and texture to our outdoor 



Think about what you cook and use already when considering what to plant.  The first year I 

planted herbs, I did a container of what I commonly used such as Basil, Oregano and Thyme.  I 

find myself now planting Chives, Cilantro, Rosemary and Mint as I have experimented with 

using fresh herbs and expanded my cooking palate.  I love to experiment with the flavors.  It is 

important to pick them fresh, add tender herbs like basil and dill at the end so they retain their 

flavor, and add thicker, woodier herbs during cooking so the flavors meld with others.  

There is nothing like walking outside and cutting fresh herbs when I’m cooking.  Having this 

right outside the door in my landscape is one more way of appreciating my outdoor space and 

bringing it in.  


If you are interested in a kitchen garden or adding herbs into your landscape, please contact us here.