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One-of-a-Kind Driveways, Patios and Brick Paving

A driveway represents many things, not the least of which is the entrance to a home. There's nothing quite like hearing the smooth cobblestone under tires as you drive up to your home or take a walk on your property and hear crushed stone under your footsteps. For many, the driveway is just a means to an end, but we take great care in exquisitely crafted beautiful driveways that add to the overall landscape and home experience (and home value!). Trust the professionals at Vidosh North to create a the perfect, unique residential or commercial patio/driveway for your Northern Michigan lifestyle!

SUV looking over custom stone walkway and stairs

slag walkway by Vidosh North in Northern Michigan

Custom patio at lake home in Northern Michigan

Custom walkway with plants along by Vidosh

Garden Pathway

The flagstone in this yard makes for a perfect garden walkway. 

Petoskey Courtstone Driveway Design Vidosh

Unilock Courtstone Driveway With Flagstone & Moss walkway

Courstone is perfect for Northern Michigan homes because of the luxurious look it adds to the driveway. Each stone has a unique shape to mimick the look of European cobblestone, but with the strength and durability of modern materials. The rich tones of the stone add character to your driveway. We added the moss walkway to bring in even more warmth and texture to the outdoor space. 

This Central Michigan driveway installation was over 12,000 sf of partially-heated driveway space. We took great care to make certain that this material would be stable for years to come.


Cobblestone Driveway Design Petoskey Michigan

Retaining Walls

Regardless of size, retaining walls are an important part of the landscape, and they are all about details. This cabin on the banks required a small retaining wall to avoid fill being placed over existing tree roots, which would have led to a gradual decline and eventual death of the trees.

In addition to practicality, we love the style that retaining walls offer. There are retaining wall materials that match any style of Northern Michigan home that will keep your landscape in place and prevent it from erroding. 

Vidosh North designs and installs lasting brick paving, driveway and patio designs for these and other areas in beautiful Northern Michigan:

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