Effective Irrigation Systems/Sprinkler Installation

A pivotal element to the health of any landscape is an exceptional and functional residential irrigation system. Irrigation offers myriad benefits to your lawn. Especially in areas with less rainfall, it’s a cost-effective method of improving your turf health. Choosing irrigation can help improve other landscaping designs, like plantings.

At Vidosh North, we consider irrigation to be so important that we will not offer a warranty on a landscape we install unless it has irrigation. Trust our professional sprinkler installers to keep your landscape healthy and complete our work to the highest professional standards. Like every living thing, your lawn needs to be properly hydrated in order to thrive.

Did you know irrigation systems are not one-size-fits-all? That's right—depending on the type of plants you have, how much rainfall you get, and the health of your soil, you will require a specific plan of irrigation to best hydrate your lawn, and that's where we come in. Vidosh North offers professional Petoskey irrigation design and installation.

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Professionally planned and executed quality irrigation is easily forgotten in the midst of other aspects of the landscaping and building process. This commonly happens in situations where the irrigation designer, irrigation contractor and landscape contractor are not communicating well or with enough frequency. A strong foundation, however, can set your lawn up for long-term success, health and beauty.

The Vidosh difference guarantees seamless and smooth communication across all three of these avenues for your Petoskey irrigation; something most of our competitors do not do! Improper planning and irrigation design can lead to drainage problems, decreased plant material performance, and even failing hardscapes. We can help master your Charlevoix irrigation system. 

Lawn Irrigation System Installation

The residential irrigation installation specialists at Vidosh North take great care while installing your irrigation system. As soon as a proper irrigation watering system has been installed, your Harbor Springs irrigation technicians will flatten your landscaping and lay grass seed to encourage the re-growth of damaged grass.

Vidosh will designate a team member to meet with you to review your irrigation system and irrigation controls every step of the way.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler irrigation, also known as spray irrigation can provide a number of benefits to your lawn. It is a more efficient process than that of drip irrigation in terms of water usage and it is also more cost-effective. Modern sprinkler systems use state-of-the-art hardware, sensors and gauges to provide your lawn with the optimal amount of hydration at the time it needs it most. Especially with the changing weather, sprinkler systems in Northern Michigan make an excellent option for your lawn. 

Why Is Irrigation Beneficial?

Adequate Hydration=Better Growth

Appropriate irrigation can help hydrate soil that would otherwise struggle to get water. An irrigated lawn means a well-hydrated lawn, which means a healthy lawn. Like any plant, your lawn prefers a smaller amount of water to be distributed over a longer period.

Can You Overwater Your Lawn?

Without the automation of irrigation, a person is likely to overwater the lawn, which can be just as damaging as not hydrating it at all. Overwatering causes a lack of adequate oxygen for the plants, which essentially suffocates them. Signs of an overwatered lawn include patches of drying grass and a prolific amount of weeds—just what you're trying to avoid. 

A healthy lawn can help increase your home's value if you're looking to sell, and can improve the joy you feel on your own property—setting the perfect backdrop for the natural beauty of the Northern Michigan region. 


Irrigation is an up-front investment that will save you time maintaining the vitality of your lawn and garden in the long run. Setting up an irrigation system properly the first time will also save you money in the long run, and efficient water usage will help you consider the health of the environment at large.

Keep Weeds at Bay

Properly installed irrigation systems in conjunction with proper maintenance can help keep your lawn free of weeds. Drip irrigation allows for more direct application of water to the plants themselves, discouraging the weeds from growing. 

Expert Irrigation Specialists in Northern Michigan—Petoskey, Harbor Springs & Charlevoix

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