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Garden plantings, including perennial plantings, shade gardens, and tree planting and shrub planting services are often sought after in the Northern Michigan area. Layered shrub and perennial plantings are also a specialty of the team at Vidosh North. Vidosh North is well-versed and experienced in tree moving and shrub transportation and can plan and install the perfect garden or flower bed for your Northern Michigan residence. Our knowledgeable staff can source the "right plant for the right place" for your yard or landscape! Contact us today!

Planting Installation (Gardens, Shrubs, Flowers, Trees & More)

Many aspects make up the success of a new plant, including two very important aspects: choosing the correct plant and installing it correctly.


Common among homeowners in Northern Michigan, perennials can be planted once and enjoyed for years to come. Perennials are a good base for many landscapes, as they vary greatly in texture, color and shape. They are also fairly easy to care for and have a long lifespan; some perennials can live up to fifteen years.

Some common examples of perennials include thyme, lavender and other herbs and decorative plants.

So What's The Difference Between Perennials, Annuals & Biennials?

Annuals are so named because they need to be replanted each season, unlike the one-time planting required of perennials. The primary goal of an annual is to seed so they will ideally be able to reproduce themselves; however, most annuals do end up needing to be replanted each year. Annuals can be broken down into a few subgroups: cool-season annuals (hardy), warm-season annuals (tender), and half-hardy annuals.

Some common reasons people choose annuals is that they are less of a commitment than perennials and can therefore be used for experimenting. Annuals are also good for filling empty spots in gardens or containers. A few examples of annuals are cosmos, marigolds and zinnias.

The lifespan of biennials falls in between that of an annual and a perennial. Biennials typically have a life of two years and require a cold treatment, called vernalization, before they flower. Common biennials include black-eyed susans, shallots, some types of hollyhocks, parsley and fennel.

Shade Gardens

A shade garden is a garden that's installed and grown in a part of your landscape that does not receive direct sun. Shade gardens are commonly planted under trees, and they are typically ornamental plantings.

Trust the professional team at Vidosh North to handle your shrub, tree and flower planting needs from start to finish. Check out our scheduled landscape maintenance services and contact us to learn more.


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