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Vidosh North employees building retaining wall in Petoskey garden

Quality dry or wet-laid stonework is the very essence of our business. From traffic flow or grade issues to an outdoor fireplace of your dreams, the team at Vidosh can help with all your retaining wall, firepit installation, or general masonry needs. Call our office today for more information and to request a consultation!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to help keep soil and other landscaping elements confined to a certain space and resist erosion and gravity. Trust the team at Vidosh North to excel in retaining wall installation and professional masonry on your Northern Michigan property.

Not only are retaining walls functional, but they can also act as an aesthetic focal point of your landscape, built to complement the existing landscape. Materials like stone and timber integrate seamlessly into the surrounding area. Other materials used include poured concrete or boulders.

Before Building a Retaining Wall, Consider...

Some things to consider when creating a retaining wall include the fact that the structural integrity and longevity of retaining walls can be dependent upon the material used, you may need to excavate in order to create a level ground for the retaining wall. Building your retaining wall before properly planning can lead to a collapsing wall.

Fire Pits

Many homeowners contact us to request fire pit installation. There's nothing quite like kicking back and relaxing around your very own fire pit to enjoy the company of good friends and the famous Northern Michigan summers.

Before Building a Fire Pit

A few decisions you'll have to make when deciding to build a firepit include size, material, possible ordinances, and location (including how much excavation may be necessary to level out the area). 

Incorporating natural masonry elements like stone on the shores of Lake Michigan is a great way to connect with nature and a finished fire pit with a cap and steel grate present a more formal feel. Plants and other landscaping can help soften the angles of the stone for a balanced appeal.

Vidosh North can accommodate any type of fire pit request and you can be on your way to a peaceful retreat right in your own backyard. 

Buff Irregular Dry Wall Northern Michigan


Fieldstone Retaining Wall Design Walloon Lake Michigan

Fieldstone Retaining Walls Northern Michigan

This classic fieldstone retaining wall enhances this stunning Walloon Lake property.

Poured Walls with Granite Veneer & Dry-stacked Granite Walls

This combination of poured walls clad with granite veneer and dry-stacked granite walls helped to shore up an area that needed an engineered wall and also keeps the site loose and charming.

Cabin Retaining Wall on Northern Michigan homeBig or small, retaining walls are all about the details. This cabin on the banks required a small retaining wall to avoid fill being placed over existing tree roots, leading eventually to the slow demise of the trees. Stone was carefully chosen and installed to match the fieldstone veneer on the home.

winding retaining wall against garden at Northern Michigan home

We believe that fieldstone retaining walls look best with a variety of sizes. Plantings and turf should soften and complement the walls like at this home located on the shores of Lake Charlevoix.

Vidosh North designs beautiful retaining walls and fire pits for these and other Northern Michigan areas:

Charlevoix | Petoskey | Harbor Springs | Torch Lake | Walloon Lake