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Looking for lawn maintenance services for your Harbor Springs or Petoskey home? Vidosh can help. Our team believes an exceptional landscape begins only with a quality installation. Landscaping is a work-in-progress that only meets its full potential through appropriate care and maintenance, which is why we offer a number of landscape maintenance services to prepare your landscape for all of Michigan's seasons, keep your garden in its finest shape, and clean up your yard from brush and leaves.

Protect Your Northern Michigan Lawn

Vidosh's scheduled landscape maintenance services include, but are not limited to the seasonal services listed below:

What To Do to Your Lawn in Spring

Spring marks the beginning--the beginning of perennials popping up through the snow, and the beginning of warmer weather. Taking the steps to spring lawn care is important to refresh your lawn from a long winter, and to prepare it for the warm months ahead.  

Helping your landscape recover from the harsh northern Michigan winter requires some TLC, including replacing mulch and more. Other ways to prepare your plant beds for the warm season ahead include removing weeds, deep raking, aerating, overseeding, pruning existing perennials carefully, and getting rid of diseased plants. Signs of the disease include spotting, mildew, and yellowing leaves.

  • Pre-emergent application
    • Pre-emergent applications are applied to your landscape to inhibit the growth of pesky annual weeds. Because weed control is a process, there is no one-time, one-size-fits-all application that will kill all weeds at once. Pre-emergent herbicide is a barrier applied to the top of the soil to target weeds that are not yet sprouted and are still under the soil. It is important to note that pre-emergent is not formulated to target already-existing weeds. Pre-emergent should be applied as an overall lawn treatment, rather than specific areas, in order to control the most weeds.
  • ​Soil testing​
    • Different pH levels in your soil make the grass require different levels of nutrients. To ensure your lawn care is performing at its best, we can test the pH of your soil.
  • Fertilization - trees & shrubs
    • Your grass isn’t the only part of your yard that benefits from fertilization. Your trees and shrubs will also appreciate a dose of nutrients.
  • Irrigation inspection
    • Harsh Michigan winters can sometimes damage your irrigation system. Vidosh North will do an inspection to ensure everything is in working order.

Best Practices for Summer Lawn Care

  • Lawn mowing, trimming & edging
    • Think of mowing your lawn like trimming your hair—mowing your lawn helps keep it healthy. Trimming and edging (horizontal and vertical cuts, respectively) are finer detail work that helps to reduce weeds and work with mowing to maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Lawn fertilization
    • Keeping your lawn fertilized works in tandem with the nutrients in your soil to maintain a healthy lawn. Best practices for lawn fertilizing depend upon the season, but one thing remains steady regardless of seasonality—weed removal. 
  • Weekly plant bed maintenance
    • Weekly plant bed maintenance helps keep weeds at bay and keeps plants from overgrowing.
  • Tree, shrub & perennial fertilization
    • Just like on your lawn, trees, shrubs, and perennials can benefit from fertilizer.
  • Seasonal pruning
    • Pruning is necessary to keep dead and dying branches or leaves from inhibiting new growth.

Fall Lawn Care

  • Fall clean up, leaf collections & disposal
    • Piles of leaves not only look bad on your yard, but leaf removal can also work to prevent lawn damage.
  • Winterization, winter plant protection, & anti-desiccant application
    • ​Mulching to prepare for winter can help protect plants from frost.
  • Lawn mowing
    • Your lawn will continue growing until the first frost, so it’s a good practice to continue mowing it. The ideal lawn height is 2.5-3”; any longer and it may mold in the snow.
  • Fertilization
    • A boost of fertilizer will give your grass some food to help it bounce back after winter. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are all great for your grass’s roots and will help with cold resistance. For the perfect formula for your lawn, contact us for a consultation. 
  • Seeding
    • Fall is a great time to overseed your lawn.  A seeded lawn can fill in bare spots for the spring, but overseeding can be a tricky process. If a lush lawn for spring is something you’re after, give us a call. 

Winter Lawn Care

  • Snowplowing & salt application
    • ​Infamous northern Michigan winters call for heavy-duty snow plowing and salt application—yes, we can help with this, too! When we salt your icy driveway or walkway, we do our best to keep the salt off of any exposed grass. The salt can damage the grass by impeding nutrient saturation and may create bald spots in your fresh spring lawn. ​​
  • Lawn Protection
    • When Vidosh North comes to take care of your winter yard, we know how to protect it for spring! Once the frost has settled into your lawn, it’s important to avoid walking or driving on it as much as possible. The grass can weaken in the cold weather, making it harder to revive when spring comes around. 

​​To start your custom lawn care plan in any season, contact us


Vidosh North provides landscape maintenance services to these and other Northern Michigan cities:

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