Shoreline Preservation & Restoration

Shoreline Erosion: Restoring Your Shoreline

Lake Michigan's shoreline has seen record-breaking water levels in Northern Michigan in recent years. These prolonged high water levels can lead to significant erosion of shorelines. Other natural elements like coastal storms can negatively impact the shoreline, slowly degrading your property. Such erosion can be either natural or accelerated (i.e. by human interaction). Besides property value, a shoreline also provides a natural water feature with an inimitable aesthetic.

Shorelines and seawalls that are not protected may require shoreline erosion control and restoration services; not to worry—Vidosh North is the company to call for professional and natural shoreline erosion control methods.

Protect your Lake Michigan waterfront landscape from destructive high water levels by contacting us today for more information on our lakeshore restoration services!

Living Shorelines

Soft shorelines use vegetation, natural filling, and low rock sills to protect the natural beauty of your shoreline without disrupting the natural flow of the aquatic life in the areas of the shoreline. 

Soft shorelines are a great solution to reducing erosion in a natural way. They look and feel natural to the area, but are designed to keep your shoreline protected while avoiding disruption to fish and other wildlife in the area. Soft shorelines offer lakeshore restoration that flows with the natural beauty you already have in your backyard. 

Because hard shorelines may disrupt wildlife and the natural ecosystem of the water, engineered living shorelines have become popular to protect receding shorelines while maintaining a safe habitat for the wildlife in the area.

Living shorelines are a great nature-based way to protect your Northern Michigan lake home from erosion, or to implement lakeshore restoration. Living shorelines improve aquatic life, help with nutrient pollution, and add an aesthetic appeal to your property, all while protecting your home from erosion. Living shorelines grow over time, which improves both water and air quality.

Vidosh North can install a living shoreline for your Northern Michigan lake home to protect it from erosion or to restore the shoreline you have, bringing together aesthetic harmony and sustainability.

Hard Shorelines

Hard shorelines are made of hardened structures designed to protect your shoreline. These may include seawalls or bulkheads. Hard shorelines have the benefit of acting as a protective armor to your shoreline, shielding it from erosion. While living or soft shorelines tend to be more environmentally conscious, hard shorelines are necessary in some cases. Commercial shorelines are usually hard shorelines. 

Hard shorelines not only slow erosion, but they keep sand from moving if you have a beachfront property. Sand can disappear rapidly due to the constant stresses from bodies of water, but a hard shoreline can keep your beach in place. 

When you are planning erosion control or lakeshore restoration, the experts at Vidosh North can help you determine whether a hard shoreline or a soft shoreline is the better fit. 

How Can Vidosh North Help Repair Your Shoreline?

Waterfront property is a serious investment and you will want to do anything to protect its integrity. The first step is to make sure you hire a professional you trust—the process of shoreline preservation is more complex than other services you might have done on your property, and involves more planning.

Effective shoreline preservation and restoration includes a combination and variety of "hard" shorelines—stone retaining walls, for example, and "soft" shorelines—such as natural shoreline plantings, or living shorelines. A living shoreline can offer a more environmentally-friendly option to protect your property

These options are all beautiful, long-lasting and effective. We are the shoreline erosion and restoration experts in Northern Michigan, and we can help you choose the right method of shoreline preservation. Whether lakeshores, riverbanks, or wetland edges, Vidosh North offers the finest shoreline repair and shoreline preservation services along Lake Michigan.

shoreline preservation with large boulders by Vidosh


Natural Plantings Against Rocks on Shoreline

View of Lake Michigan with Child Running Along Natural Stone Path

Our Shoreline Preservation Work

Below are a few examples of Vidosh North's stone deflection shoreline restoration, and plantings for shoreline stabilization. Working with the landscape to preserve and restore the beautiful shoreline is a service we take great pride in. Softening the stone elements with shoreline planting is a worthwhile investment.

Vidosh North Stone Shoreline Preservation & Restoration Work

Shoreline preservation and other natural landscape enhancements on the shores of Walloon Lake.

Stone Deflection and Planting Stabilization by Vidosh North

Lake Michigan Shoreline Preservation in Winter, Snow on Rocks on Shoreline

Professional Shoreline Restoration Services

Vidosh North provides professional shoreline restoration services that keep your investment safe for years to come! We offer shoreline restoration and many more landscaping services for the following Northern Michigan cities:

Charlevoix | Petoskey | Harbor Springs | Torch Lake | Walloon Lake