Water Features

Water Features & Landscape Design

One of our most commonly requested landscape element is water features. Distinct from spas or pools, water features can create a tranquil and calm landscape in a way that few other landscape elements can. Though part of the charm of Northern Michigan is the fact that it is surrounded by water, there is something special about water features in a backyard that is uniquely relaxing and can also add to property value, as other beautiful landscaping can.

There are a plethora of benefits to enjoy from a water feature. Some of our favorites include:

Mental Tranquility

The sound of running water in your Northern Michigan yard is sure to bring you peace and relaxation. Times are stressful - we can all benefit from a boost of mental clarity.

Fish, Frogs, and More

A water feature can provide the perfect home to aquatic wildlife. Having a custom outdoor ecosystem will bring life to your backyard.

Added Style

Vidosh North will design a custom water feature for you that will blend seamlessly with your outdoor space. Everyone will want to spend their days outside with your new, beautiful water feature.

Boost Curb Appeal

Water features add visual interest to your home, which enhances your yard no matter where it is. A water feature in the front of your home is sure to boost curb appeal.

Let our landscape design team figure out the perfect plan for your property. Vidosh North can create one-of-a-kind water features including ponds, waterfalls, and more. Trust the professionals at Vidosh North for a quality, breathtaking water feature design and professional installation.

Water Feature in Petoskey back yard

Types of Water Features for your Home

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to adding a water feature to your Northern Michigan home. Some styles we love are:

  • Waterfalls – No matter what size yard you have, there is a waterfall that can fit the space. Waterfalls provide a peaceful sound and bring a sense of nature to the space.

  • Koi Pond – Koi ponds add natural color and beauty to your yard. Waterfalls pair well with koi ponds to create a serene backyard experience. The bright colors of the koi fish are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

  • Fountains – Fountains are a popular type of water feature because they are so customizable. No matter what style of home you have, from modern to European, there’s a fountain that will fit.

  • Birdbath – Birdbaths are the most simple water feature as they do not require any special connections or hookups. They will likely draw in wildlife from the area, which enhances the experience of your yard.

  • Streams – If your home isn’t already on a river, you may want to add a stream to your yard. Streams will add a peaceful sound and style to your yard.

Vidosh North Water Feature and Pond Design Michigan

Vidosh North designs and installs water features that fit the unique contours of your property.  We service these and other Northern Michigan cities:

Charlevoix | Petoskey | Harbor Springs | Torch Lake | Walloon Lake