Landscape Design

"Show me a job that failed and I’ll show you a job that was not properly thought out, designed and planned for." —Donn Vidosh, Jr.

Hand-Picked Landscape Designers

landscape planner drafting at Vidosh NorthAll landscape design is not created equally, and we know that not all customers have the same aesthetic preferences. Employing a wide variety of landscape designers allows us to hand-select an individual landscape designer that will be best suited to our customer's specific taste and personality. Our customers benefit from our strong teamwork, so we often utilize skills from multiple landscape designers on a project to highlight their strengths, including material selection and hardscape design. This collaborative effort allows us to truly put our heads together for exceptional landscape design results that our clients will love.

Professional Landscape Designs

Vidosh North offers professional landscape designs that not only look fantastic, but will also be durable and perform well from an infrastructural standpoint. True landscape design melds nature with function, and this is the true advantage a Vidosh North customer gains by collaborating with our company—a beautiful and functional landscape design by a professional landscape designer.

We are fortunate to be located in Northern Michigan, an area of great natural beauty, which is an exceptional canvas for our landscape design work.

Why Should You Use a Professional Landscape Designer?

2 Vidosh North employees measuring for landscapingHiring a professional designer to design your landscape can save you time and money in the long run, in addition to getting you the landscape of your dreams. Leaning on the expertise of a professional landscape designer can help you avoid potential pitfalls.

As landscape designers, our team is trained to complete the entire process of planning and install, from start to finish. Our knowledge of the local area will help us understand which plants and flowers will look and thrive best in your landscape, backyard and front yard alike. From irrigation systems to hardscapes like driveways and firepits, we can help with anything you need to get the northern Michigan outdoor area of your dreams. Learn more about what to consider when hiring a landscaper.


Planning & Project Management

Design and planning are pivotal in completing a successful landscape design. A properly planned design can help you stay on budget and save time. We will come up with creative, professional ideas that fit your vision and will blend seamlessly with your property. Throughout the process, Vidosh will manage all aspects of the work and work closely with you to make sure you are aware of all important decisions.


Working with a professional landscape designer will ensure you get a result you’re satisfied with. We collaborate with other landscape designers on the team to utilize all the strengths we have available.

Purchasing Materials

Deciding which materials to use, sourcing them, and installing them are all benefits of hiring a professional landscape designer like Vidosh North. We will make sure the materials chosen are harmonious with the surrounding environment and aesthetically pleasing to you.

Follow Up

After a successful landscape design project in which both client and we are happy, we are happy to continue to offer our services. Seasonal scheduled maintenance will allow us to keep your ideal lawn just that—ideal. 

Award-Winning Landscape Design

A perennial industry award winner by the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association, Vidosh North LLC has completed landscape designs for clients in Northern Michigan, Central Michigan, Southeast Michigan, and Central Ohio to help bring their outdoor dreams to life. We will go anywhere for a great landscape design project, and in today's virtual world, it's easier than ever to collaborate close to home or remotely. 

Vidosh North primarily provides landscape design services in Charlevoix, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, and more cities in beautiful Northern Michigan.