Landscaping Services

Transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes requires a blend of artistry, expertise, and a deep understanding of nature. That's why Vidosh North offers the best of landscaping services, emphasizing the importance of tailored design, sustainable practices, and ongoing maintenance for creating enduring and beautiful outdoor environments.

Customized Landscape Design

Our expert landscaping services involve thorough site analyses to understand the unique characteristics of the property. This informs a strategic planning process that maximizes the use of space, sunlight, and natural features. Crafting bespoke design concepts, landscapers align their visions with client preferences, ensuring that the final result harmonizes with the architecture, natural surroundings, and the intended purpose of the outdoor space. Additionally, our landscapers implement water-efficient irrigation systems, native plant selections, and soil moisture management to contribute to sustainable landscapes that conserve water resources.Vidosh

Hardscape Construction

Expertise in hardscape construction involves the meticulous installation of features like patios, pathways, and retaining walls, enhancing the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

Softscape Integration:

Softscape elements, such as trees, shrubs, and flowers, are expertly integrated, ensuring a harmonious balance between hardscape and natural elements. This integration contributes to a visually pleasing and functional landscape.

Vidosh North's Landscaping Services

Turf & Plant Health Care

Among the professional landscaping services we offer are general maintenance of your lawn and garden. The team at Vidosh North uses organic and synthetic fertilizers to maintain the best possible balance between aesthetic, environment, and sustainability in your garden ecosystem.

Garden Services

Being proactive rather than reactive is one of the best measures one can take to ensure the continued health and beauty of their garden. Our landscapers test soil pH, monitor irrigation systems, aerate the soil, and remove snow for a year-round approach to lawn and garden care.

Landscape Lighting

The right lighting in your garden can make certain sections stand out from the rest. Lighting can also improve the safety of enjoying your property at night, add value to your property, and make for an improved seasonal experience as our team configures the best design for your landscape.


Our team at Vidosh North will help you realize your vision for a lush, colorful garden. Our expertise in grasses, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and biennials proves invaluable when synthesizing the perfect arrangement of flowers, ferns, shrubs, and groundcover for your garden.