Shoreline Preservation & Restoration

Once you have made a big investment in a waterfront property you will want to protect it! Utilize natural shoreline plantings, various retaining walls, or a combination of the two. Lake shores, river banks, or wetland edge - Vidosh North is prepared to protect your investment and our environment with shoreline preservation and restoration services.

Our Shoreline Work

Check out a few examples of our stone deflection shoreline restoration, and plantings for stabilization.

Shoreline Preservation & Restoration Work by Vidosh North

Shoreline preservation and other landscape enhancemnets on the shores of Walloon lake.

River Bank Restoration Petoskey Michigan Vidosh North

DEQ-permitted river bank restoration.

Stone Deflection and Planting Stabilization by Vidosh North

Professional Shoreline Restoration in Northern Michigan

Plantings to Preserve and Soften a Rip Rap Shoreline in Bay Harbor Michigan

Perennial shoreline plantings to preserve and soften a rip rap shoreline in Bay Harbor.

Lake Michigan Dune Grass Preservation Plantings

Lake Michigan Dunegrass Shoreline planting restoration- Post Installation.

Shoreline Restoration to Preven Erosion in Northern Michigan

Shoreline protection to prevent erosion on Walloon lake.

Shoreline Protection and Dunegrass Planting to Prevent Erosion on Lake Michigan

Shoreline protection and dunegrass planting to prevent erosion on the shores of lake Michigan.

Professional Shoreline Restoration Services

Vidosh North provides professional shoreline restoration services that keep your investment safe for years to come! We offer shoreline restoration and many more landscaping services for the following Northern Michigan cities:

Charlevoix | Petoskey | Harbor Springs | Torch Lake | Walloon Lake