"Show me a job that failed and I’ll show you a job that was not properly thought out, designed and planned for." -Donn Vidosh, Jr.

Talented Landscape Designers

Vidosh North is fortunate to have several talented and experienced landscape architects and designers at our disposal. Because of this, we can handpick a landscape designer that will suit not only a customer's specific tastes, but also their personality.

We can also pull from multiple designers with different strengths (plant selection, hardscape design or irrigation, for example) to achieve fantastic results on your project. We have expert landscape contractors who can perform professional landscaping techniques and procedures to ensure that your landscape designs are properly executed.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, a design from Vidosh North will not only look fantastic, but it will also function well from an infrastructural standpoint. This is the main advantage a customer has when working with a professional landscape contractor on their design.

Vidosh North was recognized as a 2013 Merit award winner for a Northern Michigan design and installation.

Walloon Lake Residence

Walloon Lake Landscape Design Rendering

Above is a Walloon Lake residence design integrating an existing remodeled home with a newly acquired guest house accross the dirt road.

Side Yard Remodel

Northern Michigan Landscape Design Rendering

Above, a side yard remodel design for a Northern Michigan home.

Private Garden

Raised Garden Design by Vidosh North

Above, a private garden designed and installed by Vidosh North.